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RIP, KL Tha General: Friends and Fellow Artists Pay Tribute

Kevie Durham (aka KL Tha General) was making strides in Denver's hip-hop scene. This week, in fact, he was headed to Atlanta to work with some artists and industry people there. But that's a trip he'll never take: Durham's life was cut short Saturday night in a shooting outsideThe Beach nightclub.

"Even from the road far from Denver and the music scene, I heard and saw his hunger for music grow. I am proud and delighted to see artists from my home town making great music," says fellow rapper Pries. "I was even more proud to see someone I knew, KL, doing something positive. He will be missed, and his family will always be in my prayers."

KL was establishing himself as one of the most talented up-and-coming artists in town; in fact, he was headlining the show at the club that night. "He gained respect with his music from the hip-hop scene in Denver and among the DJ community," says DJ Ktone. "Between his skill, passion and drive, he was definitely on his way to stardom and success."

KL recently received attention from his 32 Bars of Controversy, which was a highly popular moment in the music scene. His latest single, "B-Wordz," was gaining traction in local clubs and circulating online.

"KL, to me, was a very humble and motivated young man. He was very dedicated to perfecting his artistry and passionate about his music," continues Ktone. "He was never afraid to reach out to me for questions and advice about certain songs, projects and business aspects of his music. And I was always willing to lend my expertise to him. He always listened to constructive criticism and got better as an artist each day." The response to his untimely passing was evident throughout the community, as Facebook and Twitter were overwhelmed with sympathies as well as outrage.

Support and sympathy poured in from fellow DJs, artists, fans -- all of the people who collaborated with him musically and otherwise.

"KL was a great spirit and a talented artist... a good one that didn't deserve what happened to him, no matter what the underlying story may be," says Colorado Myrical. "May he live on through his music, family and friends FOREVER. I still can't believe it."

Last night, there was a candlelight vigil held for him outside the nightclub.

Tonight, Tuesday, November 25, a scheduled show at Over There Off Hampden Bar & Grill featuring KTone and Hyena Musik Group will be held in honor of KL, with proceeds going to his family to "help with any expenses they might have."

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