Club Nights

Rise Nightclub

Club Scout needs a boyfriend. Really. I'm a nice girl. I like metal and I have my own transportation. I also don't kick puppies. Usually.

Anyone? Hello?

If I'm not your type, then maybe there's some other totally good-looking lady out there for you, and you might meet her this Friday at Rise Nightclub, located at 1909 Blake Street. The trendoid LoDo spot is hosting Denver's very first Lock and Key event, where singles mingle just like those commercials -- except without the stilted acting. The concept is a social experiment that brings together speed-dating, the bar scene and middle-school kitsch. Ladies get locks and guys get keys; then the sexes consort in search of a match.

"Our trademark is that it is the ultimate icebreaker," says Darren Waldholz from his Florida office. Waldholz, owner of, which organizes most of the hook-up benders, acquired the upstart company earlier this year after buying it from his former bosses at, Inc.

Since then, the love fever has spread with event coordinators now based in 21 cities -- from the lonely plains of Dubuque, Iowa, to the frat-dude territories of Tucson, Arizona. And every party, Waldholz assures me, draws large crowds of busy professionals ready to get biz-zay with it. "Women approach the men just as much as the men approach the women," he says. "And for the guys who are shy, it really brings something out in them. They don't have to worry about coming up with creative pick-up lines. And women don't have to come up with creative ways to reject them."

Because everything is self-directed, introductions could last thirty seconds or three hours. If you unlock your lock, you get to turn it in for a raffle ticket to win posh prizes like spa packages, dinners or hotel stays. Then you get a new lock/key and start all over again. And love ain't free, either: It's $25 for ladies, $30 for men. To ensure an even ratio of birds to bees (all between the ages of 21 and 49), limited space is available -- so register now at or call 720-364-7588.

Or you can call me. The non-puppy-kicker.

Location Scout: Midtown Beat, the new ego of the former Deadbeat Club, finally opened this week after encountering a delay in initial plans to break out in September. The Ballpark Neighborhood just added another venue, with Code 3 Lounge opening at 2034 Larimer Street, across the street from the Marquis Theater and just down from the Larimer Lounge and the Walnut Room. Meanwhile, back in the Golden Triangle, La Rumba celebrated nine years in the biz last week. Any excuse to party, right?

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Tuyet Nguyen