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Rock Band Comes Alive and Other Assorted Goodies

Here's a selection of the best of last week's music blogging from around the Village Voice chain:

Video games are so the new rock and roll, which makes this Battle of Rock Band tournament, in which players competed at the game Rock Band, the new Ed Sullivan Show. Or something. There are pictures to prove it.

Janet Jackson's fan base in New York City turns out to be gay men, foreign tourists eager for a glimpse of a celebrity, and interns from her record company. Exactly no one is surprised.

Inspired by the recent controversy over Maxim reviewing the new Black Crowes record without actually hearing it, this blog is a best-guess review (preview?) of three big albums, including Guns and Roses Chinese Democracy!

A "nerd singularity" is almost achieved by John Roderick of the Long Winters as he views the lunar eclipse and records some beats in his long underwear.

The legendary Chuck D. delivers a lecture on race, power and culture, and damn near everything else. It's just like Public Enemy, only without the dope-ass production and beats.

Someone took the time to sift through the endless tide of crap on MySpace and dig up a few decent bands.

Meet Ghosthustler, described as "a decadent hybrid of mid-period New Order with just a splash of Britain's nu-ravers the Klaxons."

An opening act that can get a crowd to sing along? Color me intrigued by the alluring Caitlin Rose, a powerful singer from Nashville.

The pretty boys of Cobra Starship and their equally model-esque tourmates pump out slick, glossy dance pop for young girls to swoon over and nearly cause a tween-age riot.

Pin down what exactly makes a ghetto cowboy in this informative blog. -- Cory Casciato

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