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Rocky Mountain Public Media Launches New Denver Hip-Hop and R&B Station

The team behind the Drop.
The team behind the Drop. The Drop
Rocky Mountain Public Media just launched Denver's newest R&B and hip-hop station, the Drop, which will be broadcast on jazz station KUVO's HD2 signal, the KUVO app and online at

This is huge news in the public-media world, which is better known for its support of classical and jazz music.

“Rocky Mountain Public Media is thrilled to unveil THE DROP and its innovative programming to Coloradans,” says Amanda Mountain, president and CEO of Rocky Mountain Public Media, in a statement. “With our primarily digital footprint, we are meeting audiences where they are in the shift to streaming and introducing public media to younger, more ethnically diverse listeners.”

Like other public-media offerings, the Drop will be commercial-free, and its programming will be driven by community recommendations submitted via social media. If audiences are looking for pop hits, old-school hip-hop or obscure tracks, the station's DJs will be at the ready to take those requests.

In addition to highlighting hip-hop and urban music from around the country, the station will also shine a light on Colorado artists.

“We want to put radio and the subsequent music choice back in the people’s hands,” notes Nikki Swarn, the Drop’s content and program director, in a statement. “There is a need to build with our community a station that reflects the eclectic music values and tastes of this new Colorado. The Drop is that station; it is built by the community for the community. We are excited to create a movement that is inclusive, exciting, dynamic and fresh. Plus, there’s nothing like shaking things up."

In addition to its own HD station, a four-hour block of programming from the Drop will play on Denver Open Media's radio channel on KOMF 92.9. Hosts will include DJ Dif'Rent, Amerykah Jones, Unique, Ontoneyo, DJ Bella Scratch and Hakeem Furious.

While there will be some crossover content with KUVO Jazz, the programming will be separate.

“Our commitment to KUVO JAZZ and its rich cultural tradition is steadfast,” says Tina Cartagena, senior vice president of radio and new media for Rocky Mountain Public Media. “Along with that, we see the Drop as an incredible opportunity to share an exciting new format and expand our public-media offerings to our audiences.”
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