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Sacrifice's second full-length, Slangin' Keyz, is a potent dose of gritty rap that profiles the struggles of fatherless children and incarcerated scarfaces. A Montbello native also known as Shawn Brown, Sacrifice pushes pure lyrical dope on tracks like "Mo Jail & No Bail," in which he describes the tribulations of a young man headed down a crooked path by delivering this all-too truism: "My lawyer needs more money so I can get less time." DJ/producer Art Official laces the cut with a blues lick and a slow-paced cinematic beat that recalls the The Diary-era Scarface.

Slangin' Keyz's tight production values mesh well with Sacrifice's laid-back drawl, which flows like syrup over other standout cuts like "Life Is What You Make It" and the smooth-sounding "Smasher." Released on the rapper's own indie imprint, Tay Records, the offering is a slang-banging affair that gives listeners a Mile High perspective on life in the 'bellos. (See

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James Mayo