Safe Boating will debut a new sound and songs at the hi-dive on Saturday

What happens to a folk-punk band when it puts away the acoustic guitar? With the departure of guitarist Alex Trujillo, Safe Boating Is No Accident is about to answer this question definitively. "We took the opportunity to work up new material, which is a lot different from the stuff we've been doing for the last year," says guitarist/vocalist Leighton Peterson. "It's all electric. We won't have any acoustic instruments. It's a lot more straightforward, with no lead guitar."

"Before now, we were more indie folk -- noise folk, kind of," Peterson says, adding, "I'm really happy with all the work we did with that sound." The new material will likely be recorded as an album sometime next year, Peterson says. "It's kind of like Elvis Costello," Peterson says. "Just straightforward pop music. Well, It's not exactly pop-y; it's got an edge to it. It's not buried in effects."

Safe Boating -- which will be debuting half a dozen of the new tracks this Saturday when the band shares a bill with Red Sun for its EP release party at the hi-dive, along with Colfax Speed Queen and Fingers of the Sun -- has some other things in the works, including an upcoming radio session with Colorado Open Air and an in-studio performance with other local bands for PBS.

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