Salads and Sunbeams is the new solo project from Fingers of the Sun's Nathan Brasil

Like the quixotically stylish music of his full-time band, Fingers of the Sun, Nathan Brasil's solo side-project, Salads and Sunbeams, is a warm and accessible, stripped down version of the mustachioed songwriter's dream-pop style. "It's a lot of odds and ends that didn't work with Fingers of the Sun or other bands I've worked with," says Brasil. "There's some surf-rock songs, some punk stuff, some more Beatles-y things. It's more three or four piece rock-band stuff, not as many backing vocals. It is primarily my thing, I wanted to do something by myself -- so I could make it this very specific thing."

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While Salads and Sunbeams is one-hundred percent the brainchild of Nathan Brasil, when he performs the music out for a live audience, he is often joined by his Fingers songwriting partner Suzi Allegra, and Bury My Bones's Diana Sperstad. Check out Salads and Sunbeams' latest track, "Amateur Night," below, and be on the look out for some upcoming show dates.

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