Sample a track from the Hollow Talk, the new band feat ex-members of d.biddle and more

Hollow Talk. You probably don't know the name yet, but you're almost certain to recognize the names of players in this new outfit, which is slated to make its live debut tomorrow night at the hi-dive with the Big Get Even and Rowboat. I hesitate to toss out the "supergroup" designation here, as it's vastly overused, and it sometimes sets the bar unfairly high for expectations right at the onset. Honestly, though, it's fitting for this particular group. There's ample reason here to expect greatness.

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Comprising an impressive roster of lauded local veterans, Hollow Talk finds the estimable Duncan Barlow, Rob Burleson (aka #3) and Jonathan Till convening for the first time since the dissolution of d.biddle, and joining forces with Holland Rock-Garden, formerly of Il Cattivo and Machine Gun Blues, and Adam Rojo of Ideal Fathers.

In advance of their debut show at the hi-dive, in which the group goes on first before the Big Get Even and Rowboat, the guys have posted a demo of one of their first songs "Fire and Ash." Maybe it's just because I miss d.biddle so much, but this new tune sounds great. Give it a listen and see what you think.

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