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Music journalists everywhere have been declaring the death of electroclash for quite some time now. Yet the music and the scene continue to thrive across America in the underground party circuit. This is largely thanks to the efforts of Gotham club impresario Larry Tee, who coined the term "electroclash" by way of a music festival he put together in 2001. The NYC-based event showcased key artists who represented a then-new movement that embraced the punk-rock ethos along with the sounds of classic electro and new-wave music. Acts like Adult and Fischerspooner became synonymous with the electroclash sound -- as did Tee himself. A mix CD released by Moonshine in 2003 titled The Electroclash Mix by Larry Tee brought the genre to the masses. Before becoming the poster boy for that movement, however, Tee ran several nightclubs in Atlanta in the '80s, which is where he hooked up with the infamous RuPaul. After the pair packed up and moved to the Big Apple in 1989, Tee joined forces with the notorious Michael Alig and helped present such events as the famed Disco 2000 parties. But it was his work as co-author of the club smash "Supermodel" with RuPaul that really brought him into the spotlight. And now, as the forebearer of electroclash, Tee continues to push on with the Outsider music festival in NYC as well as deejaying at underground clubs and parties across the country. Tee clashes in this Saturday, August 21, at Roll-O-Rama (8370 Welby Road, Thornton). Should be electro-fying.
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Timothy Pittz