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Scratching the Surface

It seems like everyone's a DJ these days. And with the market so saturated, it's hard to distinguish one jock from another. When Soto & Smith (aka Dave Soto and Aaron Smith) started deejaying at bars and clubs, they did whatever they could to distance themselves from cliches. They didn't pledge allegiance to any genre or scene. Instead, they kept their crates packed with records they liked. The duo plays what they describe as "odd house" -- music driven by a danceable beat that is far removed from the typical house sound that usually dominates the scene. And because the pair's music is already off the beaten path, they've eschewed the DJ tag altogether and have opted to refer to themselves simply as "Soto & Smith Airlines," going so far as to dress as airline pilots at their gigs. Needless to say, there's nothing quite like seeing a pilot standing next to you at the bar getting his drink on. Fly with Soto & Smith at Mario's Double Daughter's Salotto every Wednesday night during happy hour and on Saturday evenings.
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Timothy Pittz