See with your ears: Behold the Devil's Tuning Fork

Maybe it's the post-Grammy slump, or perhaps it's an entire nation enthralled with something called Lost, but we've wandered off into the internet to find something a little different today. That something is something called Devil's Tuning Fork which made us smile from ear to ear and think of strange and unusual uses for technology.

The project, which is sort of technically called a game is part of the Independent Games Festival Student Showcase. Hold on, before you tune out because of the word "game" it's worth checking out the video if nothing else. The mechanic of the game is centered on the idea of echolocation and radar and the resulting product is pretty damn cool. You solve little puzzles to save children from comas and the world is rendered by banging on your tuning fork.

There have certainly been albums that have made us feel music like we've never felt before, but the concept of literally seeing by audio is one we've only heard about in neuroscience books, and we're not particularly keen on having a stroke just to induce the possibility of synesthesia.

The whole premise here is right up our alley, any type of sound visualization is going to catch our eyes and ears--the idea of interaction and puzzle solving mixed with the flexing of our aural muscles (bones?) makes for a perfect afternoon time waster. If you find yourself properly mesmerized the soundtrack is available online on their website as well.

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