Set Forth changes name to the Northern Way

Just received word that Set Forth has officially changed its name to the Northern Way. We spoke with frontman Steve Melton a short time ago, and he says that the move was prompted by the fact that there are several other acts are currently using the same moniker. The act, which was included in our Class of 2008 and whose song "Crazy" has been getting major spins on KTCL as of late, thought it wise to make the change at this stage of its career rather than down the road, just in case the band start gaining any serious momentum. And that's quite possible, actually. If history is any indication, being played on KTCL should put the band on the fast track to gaining much wider recognition, as should a highly enviable slot on this summer's Mile High Music Festival. Melton says the Nothern Way handle is ultimately a nod to Northern Colorado, which is where the band hails, but leaves room for fans to define it for themselves.

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