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Sex Pistols Shoot Nostalgia Dead, and Other Assorted Goodies

Here’s a sample of the best of last week’s music blogging from around the Village Voice Media empire:

If the words “Sex Pistols reunion show” fill you with disgust and hatred read this. Hell, read it even if they don’t, it’s good.

The world’s greatest living music writer ruminates (brilliantly, of course) on aging hipsters and a film about Silver Jews main man David Berman.

Some insight into Coheed and Cambria’s multi-album, sci-fi, bugfuck concept, which wrapped up with the recent release of No World for Tomorrow. I don’t know if this makes the band more or less interesting, but I do know they should stop drinking so goddamn much cough syrup.

Gregg Allman explains in this piece why iPods are better than CDs, bribing redneck cops and the connection between a parrot and the Confederate flag.

Sometimes good writing can actually outshine the music it’s about. This review actually makes me want to listen to Evanescence. Almost.

If you ever find yourself in Iceland at the right time, you won’t want to miss this sweet festival. Seems Iceland has a scene. If any of it’s half as cool/weird as Bjork, we need more exports.

Who knew Robert Goulet could arouse such passion in the hearts of men?

Incisive, fucking spot-on commentary about Kid Rock’s recent dust-up at the ol’ Waffle House.

To see the Next Big Thing or to eat a sandwich? That is the question in this CMJ blog.

LOLCats meet Elvis Costello for the most brilliant, stupid thing I’ve seen all week. -- Cory Casciato

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