Sex sells, but who's buying? Ciara's "Ride" anyone?

You know how they say sex sells and all that? Yeah? Well, spoiler alert: It does. Or does it? What if you're not instantly cognizant that it's sex that you're being sold? What if the innuendos aren't being overtly pushed along by an undeniably sexualized video? Do you still have the same reaction? Guess it depends on how good the song is, right? Consider this a test: Pretend, if you will, that there isn't a highly provocative clip awaiting you after the jump, and just listen to this track, "Ride," the first single from Ciara's forthcoming album, Basic Instinct, at face value. Go ahead. We'll wait.

Okay, now go ahead and watch the video...

Well, did your opinion change? Did the song get any better? Do you need to be alone for a minute? Gotta be honest here, if you detatch the eye-popping visuals from this little ditty, the track is ultimately rendered a paltry Janet Jackson retread -- well or a knockoff of a retread, depending upon your level of cynicism -- with a token cameo by Luda, whose verse is somewhere between hot and meh.

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