SF1 released a new music video for his pop hip-hop song "Honest."EXPAND
SF1 released a new music video for his pop hip-hop song "Honest."

SF1 Drops Music Video for Pop Hip-Hop Earworm "Honest"

Shane Franklin, who raps under the name SF1, has dropped a minimalist music video for his catchy pop hip-hop song "Honest" that nods back to the freewheeling chock-full-of-humor spirit of De La Soul, one part goofy and another part charming as all get-out.

With funk-infused beats, "Honest" tells the story of a guy hanging out at a bar with his crew and hitting on a woman, only to find out that he's even more into her friend. The song wrangles with this minor moral dilemma that might be a more worthy subject for a Miss Manners column than a hip-hop song, but artists are entitled to sing about whatever they want, right?

At worst, "Honest" could be read as a gesture of coy patriarchy, but somehow it escapes that. And given that it's about an inconsequential internal struggle over manners – who to hit on – Franklin manages to be charming, not gross, when he sings, "Yeah, I'm glad that I met her; she looks good, but her friend looks better" and similar lines about his petite ethical quandary.

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Franklin shows off his skills as a talented lyricist, in this case writing a romantic-comedy scene that manages to turn an uninteresting subject into a captivating scenario with his light poetic touch.

Franklin will perform on Tuesday, August 29, as part of the 303 Live Concert Series, at Mile High Spirits, 2201 Lawrence Street, 303-296-2226.

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