Shenandoah Davis returns to Colorado for a trio of shows in Fort Collins, Boulder and Denver

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After graduating high school in Boulder and obtaining a bachelor's degree in music from UNC in Greeley, where she honed her piano and vocal skills, songwriter Shenandoah Davis moved to Seattle. That was nearly four years ago, and she's done anything but sit still since.

Since making the initial move, she's played shows all over the country, traveled to SXSW in Austin, and even took a couple of tours abroad, one to Europe and another to Japan where she sang alongside Tomo Nakayama of Seattle's Grand Hallway. She also released the gorgeous We; Camera, which appeared as a limited hand-made CDR and has since been reissued on cassette by Off Tempo Records.

"Colorado isn't really 'home' anymore," she says, "but neither is Seattle. I added up my calendar last week, and I was only in Seattle for three months total of 2010. So while [Colorado] isn't home, it's definitely 'a home' ...as is Seattle, as are Portland and New York to an extent,"

More recently, Davis has been hard at work for the past seven months recording her upcoming full-length release, The Sinking of our Monument, which is tentatively slated for release this March. The production of that disc was funded by a successful Kickstarter.com program that earned $6,000 towards studio time.

Davis's upcoming visit -- the key-tickling singer is heading back to the area for a trio of shows -- finds the songstress on a bit of a break from her time in the studio. But more than that, Davis says she excited for her return to Colorado where the arts are flourishing.

"My favorite part has been seeing the music scene there develop over the years... I only come back once or twice a year, but every time I do, it seems like everyone is working on really exciting things," says Davis. "Coming back and seeing everything that Laura Goldhamer has done, and Dovekins, and Paper Bird, and Long Spoon and Hot Congress is really inspiring."

Click through to preview her forthcoming album and catch Shenandoah at any/all of her three upcoming dates listed on the next page.

SHENANDOAH Colorado mini-tour

01/06/11 - Art Lab - Fort Collins 01/07/11 - Topo Ranch 01/08/11 - Mercury Cafe with Pee Pee and Princess Music

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