Shine on Me: Europop meets live-action roleplaying

There is nothing I can say about the clip embedded above that would possibly prepare you for the awesomeness contained within, but I am going to try: Imagine A-Ha's seminal "Take on Me" clip, then replace the cool animation with live-action roleplayers and production values on the level of your average made-for-TV (specifically the SciFi Channel) movie. If that doesn't intrigue you, how about some sweet swordplay, a bunch of dragons and the least masculine 'stache-and-goatee combo I have ever seen? No matter how you slice it, this video is must-see TV (and don't let the fact it is on the Internet dissuade you), and no matter what you do, don't stop watching! It only gets better as it goes on. (special thanks to Topless Robot for bringing this to my attention!) -- Cory Casciato

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