Shoe Shine 7 brings DJ Premier, DJ Vajra and DJ Mu$a together with the area's freshest artists

This year's Shoe Shine, the seventh installment of the annual custom sneaker competition hosted by DJ Mu$a, is going down this Saturday night at City Hall with appearances by DJ Premier and homegrown DMC World Champion DJ Vajra. According to DJ Mu$a, one of the event's organizers, the idea for Shoe Shine was born out of a love of art and an appreciation of the artists putting it down in Denver.

"Ultimately, I've loved art my whole life," declares Mu$a. "It was my first true love, but when I went to high school, music took over. When I moved back to Denver officially a few years ago, I re-connected with all of these amazing artists who are visually dope. Shoe Shine is the place for these artists to put their work on display for so many people who would love their art."

A number of well known local artists are participating in this year's event, including Voice, Path One, Thomas Evans, among others (see full list below). Other would-be contestants can enter a custom painted pair of rubber soled sneakers up until 10 p.m. on the night of the event. And with DJ Premier on hand for this year's festivities, the event will gain even greater exposure.

"This is really a conference of artists," Mu$a points out. "What I'm most excited about with this show is that we have a venue that's perfect to showcase the talents of all these great artists all over the town. It's so great that we have Premier to add to the vibe, as well, because people will be ready to come out and see how awesome these artists are. This is the seventh time we've done this show, and it's incredible to see the folks who are really great at what they do put it on display."

Shoe Shine 2011 Participating Artists

Jay Paul Apodaca Zeez Inkmonstr Andrew Witmer Thomas Evans Moe H. SoGnar Michael Coriano Voice Brian Curran Path One Wesley Wayne Sara Ford

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