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Short and Sour: Postcards From Riot Fest Denver 2016

Throughout the weekend, Westword writers have been sending in-depth dispatches from the 2016 edition of Riot Fest Denver at the National Western Complex. Sometimes, however, the most useful review is the snap judgment, so here are postcards of the highlights — or lowlights? — from thirteen Riot Fest sets, keeping it short if not sweet. 

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Dan Deacon
The opposite of everything Slipknot and its Wall of Death stood for, Dan Deacon initiated a Wall of Life, where everyone in the pit high-fived each other instead of kicking each other's asses.

Motion City Soundtrack
Everything was all right.

Jake Bugg
Bob Dylan's unmemorable abortion.

Wolf Parade
The only thing they needed more than sunshine was sunblock.

Teen angst has a midlife crisis.

It seems like their shtick should be old by now until you remember every year there are more thirteen-year-olds.

Nü metal for the molly generation.

Sleigh Bells
Music better suited for a soundtrack.

Frontman Geoff Rickly said it best: "When you look up sad boy in the dictionary you find Thursday."

Milo goes to pick up his kids from soccer practice.

Fitz & the Tantrums
As replaceable as the cell phones they shill.

The King has returned and, per the usual, he wants your skulls.


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