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Sid Pink is the real Undercover Boss

Did you catch Undercover Boss staring Bryan Bedford, the CEO of Frontier Airlines? No? Yeah, can't say we blame you. The show, which premiered with a fairly promising premise, has quickly devolved into a one-dimensional series with almost Real World-worthy typecasting. Each of the boilerplate vignettes, which seem to center on the hardscrabble stories of everyday American workers, are meant to be heartrending. Instead, they've become so predictable that they're almost completely devoid of any tangible pathos.

Last night, however, it was worth tuning in just to see an unexpected cameo by Sid Pink, the scene's sardonic sultan of satire, boarding a plane to Sun Diego and then later pictured rocking the sleep blindfold below, serendipitously summing up a reasonably apt reaction to the show at this point and certainly the episode in question. Undercover Boss indeed. Uncle Sid, FTW!

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Dave Herrera
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