Sin Desires Marie reunites just to give us this kickass flier

Brian Hoffman and Cause Medic Ink have given us two amazing fliers this week, one for the Sin Desires Marie reunion show and another for the Snake Rattle Rattle Snake show on Tuesday, April 12, but the Sin Desires Marie one trumps the SRRS one just barely, mostly because it has an awesome log in it.

Why would a log make a difference? Well, when we see stray logs, especially ones that happen to reside inside the brain, we immediately think of the log lady on Twin Peaks, and when we think of that, we smile. That's not the only thing about this flier that impresses, though. We're not quite that shallow.

The rest of the design here lives up to the log's promise. While we're a little sick of seeing birds on fliers (we'd have preferred owls) these days, the human head outline, brain on fire with a mysterious key thing is totally working for us. It's like something from a drug-fueled Ram Dass book, where "sin desires marie" is the mantra that will open up the secrets to humanity and easy living.

Find out for yourself this weekend if it really does, or if nothing else you might find out why the band broke up in the first place (the log saw it all happen). While you're there, you might be able to hijack one of the pretty Cause Medic Ink silkscreens off the wall, if you feel so inclined.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.