Sixth grader slays his classmates with "Paparrazzi"

If this new fangled Internet machine has proven one thing to us, it's that we wasted our youth smoking pot and reading comic books. It seems like every damn day there's a video of some little turd doing some amazing music thing and we're left trying to find someone to talk to about the time Psylocke showed some massive cleavage in the X-Men. This kid tackled Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" on the piano, which either makes him a rad dude or a weirdo; we're not so certain what's cool in middle schools these days.

While the above video doesn't demonstrate any real musical anomaly it's worth watching through and through to see the looks of his female classmates as he absolutely slays them in whatever competition this was. Sure, the little kid can sing, but we'll hold off on calling him a phenomenon until he writes his own damn song [Editor's note: he actually has two originals in his YouTube channel. They aren't bad...]

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