Sk8Bit wants to revive your childhood this summer

Colorado has never been short on novelty shows. We've had beach parties, fort-building parties, high-concept art-installation shows -- you name it, we've probably tried it at least once. That said, we're pretty certain that Sk8Bit, slated to take place on Saturday, June 18, at Rollerland in Fort Collins, is Colorado's first chiptune roller-disco party. (Well, unless you count Rollermania, but we're pretty sure that never had a chiptune month.)

"I wanted to do an all-ages show to showcase the different styles of chiptune and bring it to Colorado for everyone to enjoy," says organizer Marty Kraham. Combine that with roller skating, and you've got a slightly twisted version of those roller-skating birthday parties you went to as a kid.

Ten bands from around the U.S. will be coming in to play the event, which will feature not only chiptune groups, but also live video-glitching, a laser show and more. "There's this kid, Kool Skull," Kraham points out. "He's seventeen years old, from L.A., and is getting on a Greyhound bus and coming all the way out here. That's what 8-bit music is all about."

It won't just be a roller-skating, 8-bit wet dream for those at the party: You can revel in the magic at home, thanks to a planned live stream. Here's the list of acts that have been confirmed thus far:

  • Electric Children (Seattle)
  • Kool Skull (L.A)
  • The Weather Inside (NYC)
  • Yes_Pizza (AZ)
  • Forest World (Salt Lake City)
  • Boaconstructor (WA)
  • 949 (West Palm Beach)
  • Siens (Denver)
  • Rainbowdragoneyes (Denver)
  • TV Death Squad (Denver)

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