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Skream at Bass Invasion, Cervantes'

Dubstep is slowly but surely becoming one of the hottest flavors of dance music out there, and U.K.-based producer/DJ wunderkind Skream has been at the forefront almost since its inception. He's grown and evolved with the movement as it changed from its dark, gnarly, tech-driven roots to a more organic but still edgy urban sound. Imagine jungle's sophisticated, ultimate descendant: all stripped-down, skittering beats and growling sub-bass, surrounded by electronic squiggles and gritty samples, capable of integrating elements of everything from hip-hop to horror movies. And Skream, an incredibly prolific producer, has worked just about every corner of the sound, finding great success at each stop. Newcomers to dubstep's future rhythms would be well served to start with one of its true superstars, while old hands won't need to be convinced. Catch him Friday, September 25, at Bass Invasion at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom.

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