Sleeper Horse on the hunt for new timekeeper and other farewells

Ran into Mike Herrera (no relation, as my colleague Michael Roberts would say) outside the Portugal. The Man show -- which was unbelivably badass, BTW, especially openers Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground -- at the Marquis, and he asked me if I knew of any drummers. Apparently, current timekeeper Ryan Kelly is moving to Cleveland. Would-be skinsmen are encouraged to reach out directly to Herrera through the band's MySpace page.

On a semi-related note, Herrera's former Blackout Pact bandmate, Justin Hackl, is preparing to move to Phoenix next week, where he'll be spending six months studying to be a luthier. This Saturday night at Old Curtis Street, Sleeper Horse will join Eyes & Ears, Red Orange Yellow and Only Thunder, Hackl's band, to help give the old boy a proper send off.

Finally, on another semi-related note (I know, right? What is this? Barrel of monkeys?), Devon Shirley, drummer of Red Orange Yellow, is heading off to Portland in a few weeks. As is Jason Walker (Machine Gun Blues, the Gamits) and Josh Terry (Machine Gun Blues). In honor of the city "getting rid of me, Josh Terry, Devon Shirley and a couple others," as Walker puts it, there is a four way farewell show planned for Friday, August 29 at the Larimer Lounge, featuring final performances from Rocket Queen, Brain Hammer, Red Orange Yellow and the Harrison For Escort. -- Dave Herrera

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