Snappy Little Numbers teams with Not Bad Records to preserve Denver's archives

Archiving Denver's considerable rock and roll history isn't an easy task. We've seen countless bands come and go over the years. And when they go, limited run CDs, records and cassettes sometimes tend to disappear with them into oblivion. These records are obviously an important part of Denver's music history, which is exactly why Not Bad Records and its sister label, Snappy Little Numbers, have teamed up to preserve and archive a number of those releases digitally.

The records are all either out-of-print or collections of demos and outtakes. It's a slice of Denver's history many may have forgotten. The Not Bad Records discography holds 34 releases from over fifteen different bands with a good chunk of its catalog being out of print.

You can keep track of what's out over on Snappy Little Number's Bandcamp page. Right now releases from Big Timber, Pariah Caste, Five Day Messiah, Sirr Issac Lyme and the Facet are all among the titles available for a donation or as a free download. "With the ease of Bandcamp," says label founder Chuck Coffey, "I though it was a good time to pool all our past releases, as well as other ones from bands we'd been in that had other labels release stuff."

Next up on the list is more from Five Day Messiah, Sir Isaac Lyme and Lyne of Descent, but after that, it's wide-open. There will definitely be some more Not Bad titles, says Coffey. "We will get some Bailer stuff up too," he reveals. "We did inherit the Paco Garden catalog a while back, so I was thinking of doing some that, too."

For our part, we're hoping to see digital resurrection of the likes of Zombie Zombie's self titled EP, Red Cloud's discography and hopefully some of the early Gamits stuff, to name a few. Either way, it's well worth checking out what they've posted up so far. While you're there digging through the memories, you can also snag a sampler from Snappy Little Number's current lineup, including tracks from Eyes & Ears, Snake Mountain and more.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.