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Snoop Dogg is ready to embark on his Blazed and Confused tour, jacc

Copy editors, grammarians and assorted other speakers of English: Apologies in advance for our e-mail interview with Calvin Broadus, aka Snoop Dogg, whose Blazed and Confused tour kicks off in Denver. Turns out Snoop is as big a fan of creative spelling and unusual word usage as he is of the sticky-icky...almost.

Westword: Who came up with the idea for the Blazed and Confused tour? How would you describe the concept?

Snoop Dogg: The whole tour is one large summer party, ya dig?!? Good music, hot women and tha best party ur city has seen this summer and year.... Slightly Stoopid and Snoop Dogg, as well as Stephen Marley, all have one thang in common and that's to put on a great show and make sure fans walk out happy. We gonna do our part and damn sure tha fans will do tha same. I think tha name of tha tour says for itself, jacc!

How long have you known Stephen Marley?

I've been knowin all the Marleys since tha 90s — they all cool people. I luv hangin with them and burnin it down. They burn paper, we burn blunts, but we definitely gonna do it big one way or anutha.

Who has better weed — you or him?

Wouldn't u like to know? Two legends in their own lane with the same thang — ya dig?!?

You asked people on your Twitter feed to suggest new products for you to endorse. What kind of suggestions did you get?

Alotta crazy ones, that's for sure. But alotta people had me thinkin, too. Craziest was prob condoms. Haha. Make sure and pick up tha Snoop Crusher headphones in a hood near u — that's the latest project. Shout out to Tha Homeys over at Skull Candy!

Over the years, you've managed to create an image that's hardcore, and yet you still appeal to families and kids. What's your secret?

Everyone, young to old grandpas to uncles to moms and nieces to great grandmas, luv themself sum Snoop Dogg. Whether its my music, television shows, movies, football league, they r connected to Snoop Dogg. I go into tha booth and I come out as Snooperman. Clark Kent can't tell his secret. He and me just do it and did it naturally. Church!

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