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Snow Tha Product Wins New Fans With Heated Talk and a Hot Grandoozy Show

Snow Tha Product made waves at Grandoozy on Saturday, September 15.
Snow Tha Product made waves at Grandoozy on Saturday, September 15. Atlantic Records
Denver was the first city that Snow Tha Product sold out, she said, early in her drunken set on the second day of Grandoozy, on Saturday, September 16, at Overland Park Golf Course. But she was pretty sure most of the people at her main-stage performance had never heard of her — and when she asked, the crowd seemed to agree.

This audience was just too white and the tickets were too expensive for her to think that her die-hard fans would be there, she said. The proud bisexual descendent of Mexican immigrants didn’t mince words: “My fans can’t afford a ticket to Grandoozy.”

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Snow Tha Product lifted a glass to Grandoozy fans.
Kyle Harris
It was a rare slam against a festival hosting an artist.

And it was too bad more of Snow Tha Product's fans weren't there, because she put on one of the best sets of the festival, despite getting drunk and calling out the high price of Grandoozy tickets to the people who bought them. She got members of the crowd to lift their hands, bounce and sing along, even though most didn't know her lyrics.

There was a captivating chaos to her performance that more buttoned-up acts couldn't capture. She refused to silence her critical spirit (which one festival attendee described as “too much bitching”) while fueling her performance with the kind of underground political rage too often shut out of big music festivals.

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Snow Tha Product slugged vodka before her set at Grandoozy, September 15, 2018.
Snow Tha Product
She slammed the Trump administration because he hates Mexicans. She slammed her ex-husband and other exes, too. She drank vodka with the crowd, invited “bitches” on stage to dance, and refused to end the set until the sound engineer cut off her mic, even when her brother — also her manager and videographer — told her she had run out of time, with a panicked look on his face.

Despite having a name that sounds like some wretched EDM act, Snow Tha Product is anything but.

She’s a machine-gun precise rapper in a genre sullied by mumblers. She’s fiercely populist and politically radical in a scene that has been watered down by petty emo tendencies. She’s a volatile critic of a music industry that’s become insidiously polite. She’s the closest thing to dangerous Grandoozy has seen.

All that makes her a vibrant artist — something this society could use more of. Grandoozy took a risk and had a hit with Snow Tha Product, and that shows just how bold a festival like this can be.

Grandoozy continues Sunday, September 16, at Overland Park Golf Course, 1801 South Huron Street.
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