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So you think you can dance (like MC Hammer)?

Finally! All my years of practicing the Hammer dance and holding on to my harem pants are about to pay off. DanceJam is running a contest to find the best Hammer dancer in the U.S. If you're fourteen years old or older, live in any of the fifty U.S. states, own (or can borrow) a video camera and can bust a mean move, Hammer style, this is your opportunity to grab your fifteen minutes of fame. All you have to do is film yourself throwing down your moves, upload it to the DanceJam website before February 5 and wait to be validated by their judges -- and Internet audience. And if you win, you get a free, personal dance lesson with Hammer himself (wait, Hammer is still alive? Who knew?). You can get all the details, and watch videos of other Hammer hopefuls strutting their stuff, at the DanceJam Hammer Dance page.
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