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Some Monster Stole John Denver's Head

When John Denver became the first inductee in the Colorado Music Hall of Fame, the legendary singer's estate donated a bronze bust to the the Hall's collection.

It has been on display in the 1STBANK Center for the past three years, where it was at the start of Tuesday's Saints and Sinners Halloween Ball, hosted by KBPI (106.7 FM) and headlined by Five Finger Death Punch. Sometime during the show, John Denver's head disappeared, presumably in the hands of a sinner.

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It wasn't just a reminder of the man who co-wrote the co-state song. The life-sized sculpture had become a fixture in the main hallway at the arena. Visitors frequently posed for pictures with John or gave him a pat for luck.

It wouldn't be all that hard to remove the bust from its stand, physically -- it weighs about as much as a bowling ball -- but getting it out the door would take some brazenness and a serious disregard for etiquette.

KBPI made the announcement of the theft yesterday, asking whoever stole the thing to bring it to the station's headquarters, no questions asked. They also started a hashtag, if that's your thing: #bringJDback.

Though we weren't tuned in at the time, we are told local radio legend Willie B played a few John Denver songs during his show on KBPI yesterday, which must have been a jarring contrast to, you know, the Korn/Skrillex collaborations.

Hall of Fame Director G. Brown just wants to see the bust returned to its rightful pedestal. "It means zero to whoever took it, but it means a lot to John Denver's family, his estate and the Hall of Fame," he says. "They should give it back, no questions asked."

If you woke up with the stoic bronze gaze of an exceptionally cheerful man in your apartment yesterday, do the right thing. Bring John Denver's head to KBPI's studios on South Monaco Street.

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