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People dont flock to Colorado because its a fashion mecca filled with eccentric designers and leggy models, but local designer Frog Greishaw is hoping that someday they will. Her five-year-old company, House of Frog, will present an avant-garde fashion show at the Boulder Theater on July 20 at 9 p.m. A definite departure from the status-quo catwalk routine, the evening will begin with exhibitions of photography, abstract paintings, glass work and mixed-media pieces from local artists while a DJ adds a mellow vibe with the cool sounds of acid jazz. Once the focus is placed on Greishaws couture, her fashions will be incorporated into different stage acts, with models role-playing for a theatrical edge. The functional fashions include club wear, formal clothing and casual wear. Greishaw hopes to do more than sell a few shirts, though. I have something unique to offer,: she says, and I want people to leave feeling inspired and good about themselves.: As if we need any excuse to go shopping.
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Vaishalee Mishra