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Speedwolf's Reed Bruemmer, T-Shirt Genius, Strikes Again

Reed Bruemmer isn’t against weed or “marijuana refugees." But his shirts are. Following the popularity of his “Hail Peyton” T-shirts, the Speedwolf singer designed two new shirts poking fun at stoner culture — you know, to balance out all those dumb shirts with the leaf inside the “C” of the Colorado flag. One shirt reads “stop moving to Colorado,” the other “Illegalize it,” and according to Bruemmer, they’ve created two passionate teams: on the one side: the pro-t-shirt camp — mostly weed-smokers and growers who think the shirts are funny and a few genuine legalization haters; on the other, the anti-shirt camp — the more sensitive stoners who detest the shirts and have called Bruemmer, among other things, “a fucking ass hole,” a native-wannabe fueling hatred for non-Colorado natives, and “a xenophobic piece of shit.” Despite the passionate reaction from part of the internet, Bruemmer plans to continue selling the shirts (here), so you too can be part of the joke or tell the world how you really feel about that Rocky Mountain high.

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