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The techtonic plates continue to shift along Denver's increasingly competitive concert scene. Although no official statement has been released, Chuck Morris will be vacating his current post at Live Nation to join his proteges, Don Strasburg and Brent Fedrizzi, at the new Denver outpost of Anschutz Entertainment Group. Morris, one of the region's most revered promoters (his three-decade-plus track record is rivaled locally only by that of Barry Fey), reportly will make the move around the first of the year, after his contract with Live Nation runs out.

Meanwhile, after commuting between Los Angeles and Denver for the better part of the past month to do interim booking duties for the Rocky Mountain region, Jason Miller, Live Nation's L.A.-based senior VP of touring, will be heading back to the West Coast and making way for his successor, Perry Lavoisne. An independent promoter-turned-Live Nation talent buyer with an impressive track record of his own, Lavoisne is tying up loose ends in Detroit and house-hunting here, with a stated goal of being in Denver full-time by the end of next month.

What does this all mean for the local music fans? Close to nada, really. Fact is, most folks don't pay much mind to the name on the ticket stub. The only ones keeping track of the execs as they change jerseys are the media pundits and business analysts. For Joe Consumer, it's the equivalent of keeping up with the CEOs, CFOs and COOs at power, phone and cable companies -- tedious and uninteresting. So, unless any of these cats start dipping their hands in the company till like Kenneth Lay and his Enron cronies, the water-cooler discussions will be focused on more meaningful things, like the new Planes Mistaken for Stars record.

Holy Jesus, is it good.

Still, with so many high-profile players jockeying for position, the already robust local concert scene will become just that much better, with the dueling concert-company principals ensuring that the best shows and highest-quality acts come to town.

But after spending the past two nights in Boulder at epic, back-to-back shows from TV on the Radio and Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, I can vouch that we're already getting some of the best. -- Dave Herrera

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Dave Herrera
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