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These days, Radiohead clones are as pervasive as the Nirvanabes that Jammed the airwaves a decade ago. Although Starfuzz admittedly mines the same cerebral region as Yorke & Co., rather than appearing like it suffers from a bad case of The Bends, the act sounds more like Remy Zero with John Vanderslice recast as its frontman. And a closer look at the circuitry of You Are Food reveals an assorted patch bay of classic-rock fiber optics. Vibrant Floydian guitar arpeggios and synth interludes shimmer over sturdy yet understated bass lines throughout the disc. Meanwhile, lush vocal arrangements -- particularly the la las during the final chorus of "Circles" -- recall the melodic sensibilities of both the Fab Four and Paul Simon. Food has all the makings of a classic album. Unfortunately, it's undermined by a few minor glitches: the Skynyrd-esque guitar histrionics that inexplicably litter the album; the deliberate and predictable phrasing on several of the latter tracks; and the presence of two instrumentals -- a bit much for any record. Nonetheless, with just a little more artistic restraint, Starfuzz could easily move to the 'head of its class.
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