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Reader: Stella's on 16th Should Pay Double-Booked Artists a Cancellation Fee

Earlier this week, we reported that musicians had accused Stella's on 16th of double-booking bands and then failing to tell them their gigs had been canceled.

The band The Raven and the Writing Desk summed up the criticism on its Facebook page: "SHAME on business owner Brian Cohen of Stella's on 16th for booking and Confirming 11 Colorado bands for their summer concert series and neglecting to notify any of the bands when he hired another party to re-book the entire series."

Readers took to Facebook to express their thoughts about Stella's on 16th.

Becky wrote, "Wow! Certainly not the way to do business...if true, he should pay the bands he booked some sort of cancellation fee."

Dawn said, "When you send out a contract, you book the band."

Crystal, on the other hand, took umbrage with both sides: "It seems like there is fault to be found in both parties. The owner not communicating that they were being replaced due to not receiving contracts and the bands not returning contracts that had been sent out to them. However, I can also see the bands' POV around having had a verbal agreement and surprise surrounding the cancellation of their band (which the owner says was canceled when the contract wasn't returned, although he didn't seem to communicate that part out)."

Do you think Stella's on 16th Street should pay a cancellation fee or find another way to compensate the bands that thought they were booked and were never notified otherwise?

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