Step on it! Denver's Bankrobber hits the road with Bane

When a local band opens for a national act, the former generally does its best to impress its touring counterparts. When Denver hardcore band Bankrobber recently played with Bane, the group was impressive enough that Bane asked the outfit to go on tour. For a band like Bankrobber, with deep hardcore roots, getting asked to tour with the likes of Bane is a compliment of the highest regard. We spoke with Bankrobber guitarist Gordon Joines about being invited on tour, why the band decided to release a cassette tape and about the hardcore scene without Sox Place.

Westword: You are set to embark on a week-long tour with Bane. How did this come about?  

Gordan Joines: We are all huge Bane fans and were hoping we would get to play with them at the Marquis the last time they were in Denver, but we didn't make it on the original lineup.



Bankrobber, with Bane, TUI, Cruel Hand and Alpha and Omega, 8 p.m. Saturday, August 21, Marquis Theater, 2009 Larimer Street, $10-$12, 1-866-468-7621.

Two weeks before the show, one of the other touring bands dropped off, and Soda Jerk put us on the bill. After the show, our other guitarist was trading merch with Zach from Bane, and when he found out we had a van, he asked if we would want to play some shows with them in August.

About two months went by, and then we finally got an e-mail asking if we could play all the California shows. Steve probably never has responded yes to an e-mail so quickly in his life. I think what we are most happy about is that we didn't have to ask to be on the tour, they asked us.

You are releasing a cassette on this tour. Why did you decide to go with this format?  

We had three new songs we were anxious to get out, and at the same time, we wanted to do something completely different for this release. We decided to do a live studio recording with no tracking, effects or overdubs, and cassette just seemed like a fun way to get the songs to people while keeping the release affordable. It's a cool throwback to the days when hardcore bands always recorded their demos on a cassette.

 Now that Sox Place is no longer, where do hardcore bands have to play that is all-ages and fitting of the genre?  

The bigger shows seem to fit well at the Marquis, and it's fun playing there when we can, but a lot of smaller hardcore bands have found a home at a garage off of Federal Boulevard. It's Bankrobber's home away from home. House shows will always be a part of hardcore, and they still pop up randomly in Denver — though it never seems to be at the same house twice. Sox Place is sorely missed by all who were lucky enough to be a part of it, but hardcore kids are very resourceful and will always find another place to do shows when one is taken away. We can't be stopped.

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