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Strike Anywhere

After one look at Strike Anywhere's logo, it's clear that this is a band with a heavily political stance. The logo, comprising three downward pointing arrows, is a nod to the Antifascist Circle, which was first designed to cover up Nazi swastikas. Strike Anywhere's politically biting lyrics touch on such subjects as animal and women's rights, capitalism and police brutality, a topic the outfit tackled on the 2001 track "Laughter in a Police State." Strike Anywhere's latest effort, Iron Front, is its first on the hardcore-heavy, Bridge 9 Records. In a time of political change, the lyrics within may resonate more than ever or become static in an already politically rhetorical landscape. If turning your brain off and ignoring the message is more your thing, Strike Anywhere can also be heard in three versions of Tony Hawk video games. How's that for skating around the issues?

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