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Strung Out

If there's one thing Strung Out represents, it's longevity. Formed in 1992, the California quintet has been pumping out its brand of metal-infused punk over the course of seven full-length albums and numerous EPs and seven-inch releases. Fronted by founding member Jason Cruz, it has the distinction of being one of the first acts to sign to Fat Wreck Chords, an imprint started by NOFX's Fat Mike. The band, known for its speed and technicality, showed a darker tone with the release of the 1998 album Twisted by Design. That musical trend continued on 2004's Exile in Oblivion and the groups's most recent effort, Agents of the Underground, released last year. Hailed by some as pioneers of the Southern California pop-punk sound, Strung Out has influenced countless bands to turn it up and play as fast and as long as they possibly can.

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