Sun Red's moody imagery invites listeners to their moody sound

The browns, beiges and orange-reds of this week's top flier put us more in mind of autumn than late spring. But looking out the window at the gray sky and scrim of snow sticking to things puts us more in mind of autumn too, so it's strangely fitting. Perhaps Sun Red, the new band of former (die) Pilot members, knew the weather would turn just before its show this week?

More likely, they chose it because the moody colors and atmosphere fit the band's musical color quite well. And as we've pointed out many a time before in our flier of the week nods, matching the visuals to the sound is a winning situation.

Of course, it doesn't hurt at all that we simply quite like the weird painting that could be spindly, sickly trees against a blood-red sky or a strange foam leeching something down into red-tinted water. It's a piece we'd hang on the wall. As a flier? We'll take that, too.

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