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Chicken-fried metal gets a fresh coat of grease from the four fiery West Texans in SuperHeavyGoatAss. These Lubbock-bred headbangers straddle the barbed wire between ZZ Top's shit-kicking boogie and the stoner sludge of Black Sabbath. Ear-splitting, unaffected riff rock with ominous bass tones patch together extended meditations on Lone Star pride, drug lords and satanic bondage -- all of the crucial ingredients to make W's next presidential kegger a real humdinger, boy howdy! Rooted in both Dixie Witch and Southern Gun Culture, the band's bar-brawling sound, a corrosive mess of feedback, fuzz and hammer-ons, summons visions of a flared tailpipe spewing exhaust fumes. Frontman/guitarist Russell Abbott, guitarist Derek Halfmann, bassist Brent Boepple and drummer Tim Hurt all seem to have studied the Motrhead handbook from cover to cover. With its latest sci-fi-flavored release, 60,000 Years, SuperHeavyGoatAss headlines a steamrollers' clinic tonight with kindred souls Black Lamb, Core of the Earth and Under the Drone. Earplugs are optional but highly recommended.
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John La Briola