SXSW Travelogue: The Photo Atlas checks in

Thursday, March 17

And it begins ... 4 a.m. we arrive in Austin, Texas, at Casa de Epilogues greeted by hugs and cases of Upslope, after an amazing day of riding rollercoasters and playing three sets at Six Flags-Dallas and an awesome run of shows with the Epilogues, which included an amazing show in Omaha, with Cursive in the crowd telling me they love my band. What? No other way around it: we love Cursive!

Anyhow, Austin... we arrived. At 7 a.m. Adam Halferty arrived from L.A., and I awoke to a knock on the van window, followed by a "Hey, wake up!" I slept for three more hours and stumbled out of the van, pulled my guitar from the back of the van and got ready for my first set of SXSW playing guitar for American Tomahawk.

We raced to the Chuggin' Monkey for a 3 p.m. set that, even with hours of preparation, we run late and park the van illegally only to find that Adam has traded the organic sound of Tomahawk for backing tracks... The show goes off without a hitch, with an amazing turnout of Denver favorites -- Input, Take to the Oars, the Epilogues and more.

After that, we raced back to the van and are happy to report it wasn't towed. We headed back for a quick breather at the house and ran into Fierce Bad Rabbit. We shared a few beers and the... back to Sixth Street hoping to catch Wu-Tang, the Strokes, the Epilogues and Input tonight.

All week, various Denverites will be checking in from Austin with travelogues about their trip to SXSW this year. Read the various exploits of Brian Frederick, The Epilogues, A. Tom Collins, Danielle Ate the Sandwich, the Photo Atlas, Air Dubai, Take to the Oars and Wheelchair Sports Camp.

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