Talk about aptly named. Behold Incredibox, live cartoon beatboxing

Where to start with Incredibox? Well, you start with a little cartoon guy, like one of the ones you see above. Then you give him a part of the song by dragging and dropping an icon onto him and he starts performing it. That makes another little dude appear. You give him another part of the tune, and so on. Get tired of a part? Just click on the guy "playing" it and he disappears.

All the parts are vocal/beatbox stuff, so while the little dudes "play," they move their mouths in time. In effect, you get to remix the base tune in real-time, via a clever and funny interface. It's quite addicting, all kinds of weird and exceptionally cool. The "Help" box tells us it's a musical app to discover the world of The Incredible Polo and frankly, we're intrigued. It's hard to say what else is going on with it, since the rest of the supporting info and blog are in French. And we aren't so good at parlais Francais. Still, there's not really much else you need to say -- just go play with it. Or if you still aren't quite sure what the hell we're talking about, click through and watch a short video of it in action.

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