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TaunTaun taking a break while its members focus on pursuing other projects

Folks hoping to see TaunTaun at the Anthrax show earlier this week at Summit Music Hall were likely disappointed. We'd heard rumors that the band had parted ways. Turns out that TaunTaun, initially slated to open for the thrash-metal icons, had actually dropped off the bill due to a scheduling conflict with frontman Chris Fogal's other band, the Gamits, which was on tour overseas.

Just the same, it looks like TaunTaun fans might have to wait a while longer to catch another show from the lauded metal act. Although not officially calling it quits, Fogal confirms that TaunTaun is not everyone's top priority right now. "We just want to do other stuff right now," he explains. "Dave and I are starting a new band, and everybody is super busy. So TaunTaun is taking the back burner."

Although his project with TaunTaun drummer Dave Barker is still unnamed and in its infancy, Fogal insists he will stick to singing and playing guitar, despite his newfound interest in drumming.

"Man, I would love to drum in a band," Fogal enthuses. "But not this one." Fogal's other TaunTaun cohorts, meanwhile, are keeping plenty busy with a variety of other projects themselves. Guitarist Ian O'Dougherty is fronting the prog-metal-inspired Eolian, while bassist Matty Clark is holding down the low end for Trees and the Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill.

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