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Robin Hood Saved Television Generation

Will Hayden of Television Generation reminisces about his band's first concert.
Karl Christian Krumpholz
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Will Hayden: “It was the second night of our first tour, and it was damn hot — over 100 degrees at night. We were crammed into the corner of a cramped bar. We sweated through our set, breaking in the middle to ditch some sweaty shirts. I pulled out my capo and played a slow song so we could catch our breath before continuing to thrash through the heat. The set ended with me — for some reason that currently escapes me — tossing my guitar at the drums while Katy fiddled with her pedal board, her bass feedbacking against her amp, and Anthony pounded out a beat to bring some semblance of musicality it it all.

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Karl Christian Krumpholz

“As the next band took the stage, dressed as characters from Robin Hood, I noticed my capo had gone missing. Suddenly we found ourselves in the middle of some kind of swordfight-mosh pit set to the tone of thrashy indie rock broken up by action sequences and monologues between songs. As the set ended, Robin Hood himself approached me. He reached into his bag and pulled out my lost capo. The tour was saved, all thanks to Robin Hood and his band of merry musicians.”

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Karl Christian Krumpholz.

Television Generation plays Washout Fest at Globe Hall on August 11 and the Lion’s Lair on August 18.

Editor's Note: The Denver Bootleg is a series chronicling the history of local music venues by longtime Denver cartoonist Karl Christian Krumpholz. Visit Krumpholz's website to see more of his work.

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