Ten 2016 Releases From Denver Bands That We're Excited For

We here at Westword are stoked for the year! Originally, this piece was to focus on five 2016 releases by local bands that we were excited for. But as we compiled the list, that number quickly jumped to ten, then fifteen, then twenty...you see a pattern here. While we know that recording and putting out an album takes lots of hard work, money and sometimes blood, we decided to focus on ten releases and then post a (somewhat) comprehensive list of new Denver releases you can look forward to in 2016. Let us know what you're most looking forward to — and what we missed.

Artist: Faceman
Album Title: Wild and Hunting
Release date: "Not set, but likely in May"
Label: TBD
Why It's Exciting: Faceman is one of Denver's most unique and engaging bands, and this release, tracked by Colin Bricker at Mighty Fine Productions, will "feature guest musicians on cowbells," according to Steve Schnepel.

Artist: The Outfit
Album Title: The Outfit
Release date: TBD
Label: TBD
Why It's Exciting: "We believe this is some of the best work we have done to date. We are excited to continue to move forward as a band, and we look forward to seeing what we can do with this record." — Eric Johnston, vocals/guitar

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Artist: SPELLS
Album Title: TBD
Release date: TBD
Label: Snappy Little Numbers
Why It's Exciting: "It's full of raditude and will have you shaking your ass from your bed to your kitchen and back to your couch, because stayin' in is the new going out." — Rob #3, drums

Artist: Ol' Hickory
Album Title: Scarecrow
Release date: TBD
Label: Roll the Jax
Why It's Exciting: "Songs about workin' and drinkin' and workin' on drinkin'. More fun than a South Broadway Saturday night...or whatever." — Scooter James. vocals/guitar

Artist: Arliss Nancy
Album Title: Greater Divides
Release date: March
Label: TBD
Why It's Exciting: Arliss Nancy has long been one one of Colorado's hardest-working bands. This release will be the band's fourth full-length and shows the group doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. 

Artist: Kitty Crimes
Album Title: TBD "Something with Volume Two included in the title..."
Release date: TBD
Label: TBD
Why It's Exciting: Mariah Kohler is a wildly diverse performer who can switch from hip-hop to rock to indie with the bat of an eyelash. Her forthcoming release will be "a collection of R&B songs" that will surely solidify her as a rare talent. 

Artist: Strange Americans
Album Title: TBD
Release date: "Probably late summer."
Label: TBD
Why It's Exciting: "We are in the midst of recording with Matt Pence (Centro-matic, South San Gabriel) at the Echo Lab near Denton, Texas. We are tracking to tape and utilizing some great vintage gear and effects in the studio to push us into some new and different sonic territories." — Trent Nelson, guitar/vocals

Artist: Echo Beds
Album Title: Reflecting the Bright Lights of Progress  or Colony Collapse
Release date: TBD
Label: TBD
Why It's Exciting: "Lyrically: A social commentary through the grinder of the triple metaphor. Sonically: Somewhere between a John Carpenter nightmare and a trip-metal wrecking ball. Philosophically: In the face of such opposition, we have little choice but to set it all aflame." — Keith Curtis, bass/synth/vocals

Artist: Planes Mistaken for Stars
Album Title: TBD
Release date: late spring/summer
Label: Death Wish
Why It's Exciting: "We just finished recording in Tolono, Illinois, at Matt Talbot's (HUM) studio with our man Sanford Parker at the desk. It's quite different for a Planes record. Haha! But we're older and wiser now, right?" — Chuck French, guitar/vocals. This release will be the band's first since 2006's Mercy. 

Artist: Robert Louis Cole
Album Title: TBD x 2
Release date: TBD
Label: TBD
Why It's Exciting: R.L. Cole's music is steeped in the juke joints of Mississippi, and his voice is powerful, resonant and soulful. "I'm self-releasing a full-length folk record in April, which I'll be touring on and demo-ing a full instrumentation record to shop around to various record companies later in the year." — Robert Louis Cole

Others to look for: A. Tom Collins, Woven Hand, Ned Garthe Explosion, Patrick Lee, Native Daughters, Rubedo, Space in Time, Allout Helter, Men of Letters, The Larimers, Dangerous Friends, Brent Cowles, Dead Palms, The Epilogues, Benjamin Kellog, Shady Elders, Andy Hamilton & the Whiskey Hitchers, Hot Apostles, Pueblo Escobar, Suburbia's Finest, Windermeres, Gentlemen in Drag, Great America House Fire,  GIRLS, The Kinky Fingers, Lords of Fuzz, Oscar Ross, High Plains Honkey and hundreds and hundreds of others! DENVER FUCKING RULES!

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