Ten Adoptable Denver Pets That Look Like Rock Stars

The good people at the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley and the Longmont Humane Society host a whole bunch of animals that are available for adoption. Some of them bear a slight — and we stress "slight" — resemblance to some of our favorite people with animal tendencies: rock stars. Whether or not you agree, we're sure you'll concur that they're all damned adorable. There are plenty more looking for good homes — just like Vince Neil. Visit and to find out more about these and other animals up for adoption.
Thunder looks like a better-groomed Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe.

Tori's tough sweetness reminds us of our favorite pop of color: Pink.
With Buggy and Flavor Flav, the resemblance is in the eyes.

But with Buttons and young Bob Dylan, it's all in the fuzzy hair and skeptical expression.

Both dapper Lou and Harry Connick Jr. are as smooth as silk.

Justin Bieber and Nick the cat both seem to be paying homage to Backstreet Boy Nick Carter (one with his name, one with his mane). Plus, there are those too-cool, come-hither eyes.
Just trust on this one. 
We're not sure which is which either. Give the guinea pig a go at Nick Jonas's guitar solo and we'll decide from there.
Sweet Pea or Katy Perry — who has the bigger eyes? Who cares? Let's cuddle.

Visit and to find out more about these and other animals up for adoption.

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