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Ten albums that give Weezer's ridiculous new album-cover art for Hurley a run for its money

Over the past decade, Weezer has become more and more ridiculous, from its songwriting to its performances (Kenny G, seriously?).

And now you can add its album cover art to the running tally of ridiculousness: See the snapshot Jorge Garcia here, the actor who played Hurley on Lost? This is supposedly the cover of Weezer's forthcoming album, fittingly titled, you guessed it, Hurley. See what Rivers and company did there? The picture is what the album is called -- which is about as clever as calling you album Hurley in the first place.

Weezer's not the first band to just take an album title and make a simple picture of it as its cover. Nope, it's been done time and time again. It's a rare lack of ingenuity and a perfect storm of bad ideas that led to the albums on this list. Click through to find the ten worst album covers based on the album title.

10. Luke -In the Nude We'd venture a guess that it took Luke all of two seconds to come up with this cover art, but another six months to find anyone willing to be on it.

9. REO Speedwagon - You Can Tune a Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish Just in case the album's pun of a title didn't settle in, the guys decided to illustrate things -- you know, for the brainy types who think with the visual part of their noggins.

8. Sweet P - I Toast Myself We've always wondered what it would look like to toast ourselves -- now we'll never have that thought again.

7. Wet Willie - Wet Willie Do you want to know what's worse than actually getting a wet willie from someone? Seeing a Mad Magazine-esque picture of a red Satan finger giving one. Yuck.

6. Regurgitate - Carnivorous Erection Speaking of blatantly obvious and exceptionally gross, behold the cover artwork for Carniverous Erection, which, like Weezer's Hurley, is a literal depiction. Thanks for embedding that in our memories, Regurgitate -- seriously.

5. Millie Jackson - Back to the S..t! You see, she's back to the toilet, holding a shoe. Maybe the album should have been called Holding a Shoe. Either way -- look at that. Just look. At. That.

4. Baby aka The #1Stunna - Birdman Well, sure enough, it's a picture of Birdman. We're guessing that, like Weezer's album, the artwork came before the music. This must have taken at least fifteen minutes to make in Photoshop.

3. Lords of Acid - Pussy! Lords of Acid fans are really into very simple double entendres. Or they're really into painfully obvious jokes. Whatever the case, this is about as inventive as Hurley.

2. Cannibal Corpse - Tomb of the Mutilated! Will you look at that? It's just what the album title says it will be -- how inventive! We were half expecting to see Cookie Monster giving Big Bird an autopsy, though -- don't ask why.

1. Top Dog - Slam Dunkin' Hoes! Now, when we think of the words "slam dunkin' hoes," we think of, well, actually this is exactly what we think of. Good job, Top Dog; we don't know how you managed to come up with the idea for this album cover, but it's one hell of a piece of art.

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