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Ten and Tracer at Fiske Planetarium

It's hard to imagine a more fitting place for the music of Ten and Tracer than the vastness of space. So it's quite fitting that his Saturday, March 21, appearance is at Equinox, a show in Boulder's Fiske Planetarium (2414 Regent Drive). The abstract, alien soundscapes are made up of chittering, micro-edited beats, shreds of static, and shifting, warped tones that tease at the edge of familiarity, morphing into something new just before the moment of recognition. The work is unfailingly original and fascinating, if challenging, even bewildering, at times. It's rarely danceable, but it does move with compelling rhythms that are occasionally irresistible — and in his other guise, as one half of techno duo Les Frères Courvoisier, Ten and Tracer has proved that he can move bodies. He'll be playing the Fiske show with VJ Movax, and the two promise something special for the performance. For more info, visit

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