Ten memorable Phish tweets from Dick's

Phish played three shows over this past Labor Day Weekend in Denver (Commerce City, actually) at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. Read all about each Phish concert in Denver here. Being the tech-savvy -- if shaggy haired and a little rough around the edges -- fans they are, Phish-heads took to Twitter over the weekend, whether they were in Colorado or watching on livephish.com. We've read all the tweets, done all the ranking, and now present you with these ten tweets from the weekend for your Tuesday, not-quite-ready-to-be-at-work perusal. 10. Staying up late on a work night 9. Captain Elipses made a road-trip, like many others in town for the weekend. 8. A tweet from a fan who didn't need a ticket to see Phish this weekend, just an Internet connection. 7. The weekend-in-review 6. A play on Phish fans ("Phish-heads") and those who go to Dick's Sporting Goods Park. 5. Could there be an influx of bros to the Centennial State? If so, should Phish get a piece of the action from the state's tourism office? 4. 1,800 miles. Nuff said. 3. Perhaps the only time "Sssss" will be a hash tag on Twitter. 2. Jenni shares one of the best things about Twitter: the "over heard" tweet. 1. A tweet about Friday night's set dedicated to the late Scotty Novak, who apparently worked on the green crew for Phish.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.