Ten musician related comic books

We found the above gem while wandering around the comic store yesterday -- it appears to be some type of (unauthorized?) biography of Lady Gaga. Unfortunately, mom didn't give us enough loot to actually buy it, so we'll never know for sure. What we do know, however, is that this isn't the first time a seemingly random musician has received the comic book treatment. We've collected some of our favorites below, for better or worse.

10. Belle and Sebastian While not as offensive as the rest of the list, this collection of stories inspired by Belle and Sebastian is no less batshit insane than stories inspired by Cheap Trick -- the only difference being that Image Comics added the genius twist of getting well-respected writers and artists to contribute to this instead of random hacks off the street.

09. Alice Cooper Alice Cooper has been seen on the cover of a few comic books, but this one takes the cake. Written by celebrated Sandman creator Neil Gaimen with cover art by celebrated Sandman cover artist Dave McKean, this was one of those WTF moments that still has no real explanation. Apparently, someone got the message, though, as no more issues were printed.

08. Beatles Considering the cartoons, movies and everything else that used to promote their image, it's not surprising that eventually the Beatles inspired a comic book. What is interesting here, though, is the fact that Marvel would think it was a good and worthwhile idea to publish an unauthorized Beatles biography, and then try to sell it for $1.50 an issue.

07. Kiss The members of Kiss look like as much like comic book heroes as Lady Gaga does, so it doesn't come as a surprise they've been featured in a few themselves. Of course, none of them were good, worth reading or had any artistic merit, but whatever. At least this one's printed in real Kiss blood.

06. New Kids on the Block Was there anything the New Kids on the Block couldn't do? It seems like these dudes were cross-promoted up the hoo-ha, but selecting the home of Casper to launch a comic book series doesn't seem like an especially astute idea. Wait, is that dude smoking a cigarette on the cover? There was actually a whole slew of crossovers within the Archie universe that came as well -- which proves pretty definitely that last months gay character was not the first to come into contact with Archie.

05. R. Crumb Draws the Blues This one's not focused on one musician or act specifically, but it does cover some wide ground. It's also one of the few actually good books on this list, providing quick, well-informed histories on many of blues' biggest heroes. Think of it as an Alan Lomax collection for crazy people.

04. Michael Jackson Okay, this one's a bit more complicated: It's an official 3-D comic book adaptation of a George Lucas musical that was directed by Francis Coppola and features Michael Jackson. Man, even back in the old days, 3-D was expensive.

03. Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig Okay, this one's about as far from authorized as humanly possible. A tiny little publisher printing a book about a Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig's intimate relationship, this comic is hilarious, absurd, crude and probably pissed Danzig off. Sounds like a treat to us.

02. Billy Ray Cyrus Swords? Check. Knights? Check. Mullet? Check. Yep, must be a Billy Ray Cyrus comic book. Wait. Why the fuck did they make a Billy Ray Cyrus comic book?

01. Prince We haven't the foggiest of clues what lies behind this awesome looking cover but we do know that Prince is wearing a totally awesome jacket. We're going to venture a guess that inside you'll find plenty of sexual innuendo, a purple house, a yellow windmill and a bankruptcy notice.

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